YATT 0.9.11 - Recompiled for NWN2 Version 1.21.1549 :: 2008-11-18
Also the problem with rules in combination with the ',' decimal seperator in the Windows international control panel should be solved.

YATT 0.9.8 - Recompiled for NWN2 Version 1.10.1116 :: 2007-10-12
Well, I've been a bit slack in keeping this page updated. Will try not to let that happen again. First, YATT has been recompiled for the newest version of NWN2. There is also a great new guide to YATT on the vault!

YATT 0.9.5 - Recompiled for new NWN2 Version :: 2007-07-14
This version has been recompiled for the new version of NWN2 and includes a few bug fixes. It also allows multiple super areas in a single module with automatic area transitions.

YATT 0.9.4 - Multiple super area with transitions :: 2007-07-13
I've modified the operation of the super area automatic transitions so that you can build more than one super area in a module and they should work correctly. You can have up to 100 seperate super areas now.

YATT 0.9.3 - Automatic Area Transitions :: 2007-07-12
I've changed the way YATT works with super areas when the "Automatically Connect Areas" option is selected in the super area settings. You will now find that moving to edge of a sub area of a super area will automatically port you to the adjacent area, while maintaining positioning and facing. This makes the Area Transitions within a super area more seamless. This is based on a NWN1 script by "Jaga Te'lesin" and updated and brought to my attention by the Wizardstorm folk (thanks Ulord!)

YATT 0.9.2 - L3DT 2.5a Support :: 2007-06-27
It seems the L3DT file format has changed from 2.5 to 2.5a. I've changed YATT so it handles the 2.5a file format. If you have 2.5 or earlier files from L3DT, you'll need to open and resave them with the latest version of L3DT. I'm also looking into Terragen support. It looks like supporting heightmaps from Terragen shouldn't be too hard, but texturing is done procedurally in Terragen, so not quite as easy as L3DT.

YATT 0.9.1 - L3DT Alpha Map support :: 2007-06-25
Another update - It now supports alpha maps for the texturing from L3DT. Just generate the alpha maps in L3DT and save them in the same directory as the project file as alpha.xml. YATT will then automatically find them and set them up. The last step is to edit the YATT inputs so that the texturemaps correspnd to appropriate NWN2 Textures. Here are a couple of samples I knocked together to illustrate what's possible - These took about 20 Minutes. They are of barren, rocky landscapes, since that's what I was interested in at the time. Of course they need work on the lighting, fog and placeables, but this is what comes out of L3DT+YATT:
Sample 1
Sample 2

YATT 0.9.0 - Initial L3DT support :: 2007-06-24
This new version introduces initial L3DT project file support. Basically you select "Import From L3DT" in YATT, select your l3dt proj file and it will import the heightmap and lightmap from the L3DT project. Support for the texturemap is coming soon.

YATT 0.8.8 - For 1.06.973 :: 2007-06-16
After recompiling for the wrong version of NWN2 (*grumble*) this is now the real 1.06.973 final patch version of YATT.

YATT 0.8.6 - For 1.05 :: 2007-04-19
The new version of YATT is recompiled for the 1.05 Final patch. I haven't had a chance to test it too thoroughly yet, so let me know if you find any problems.

YATT 0.8.5 - For 1.05 Beta :: 2007-03-31
The new version of YATT is recompiled for the 1.05 Beta patch, so grab this one if you have the beta patch and want to use YATT. If you still have 1.04, then you should continue using 0.8.4.

YATT 0.8.4 - New Version :: 2007-03-25
Well, after a long break we have a new version of YATT. Enjoy!

YATT 0.8.2 - For NWN 2 Patch 1.04 :: 2007-01-30
Recompiled for Patch 1.04 of NWN2. This also includes a bug fix for the slopemaps in YATT. (Thanks Charles!)

YATT 0.8.1 - Bug Fixes Galore :: 2007-01-19
A bug fix release, hopefully there should be a few less now. Thanks for all the reports, keep em coming. :)

YATT 0.8.0 Released! :: 2006-12-31
Another release. The main change is that you can now drag and resize the grid for an area area - allowing you to choose your positioning and sizing of the built area in relation to the input image(s) For now it doesn't work for the Super Area Grid, but that is under way. I've also added the INPUT keyword to Rules. See the Rules tutorial for details on it.

YATT 0.7.3 Released! :: 2006-12-29
Well, after what seems like an eternity, I'm releasing version 0.7 of YATT. The main addition of this release is "Rules." These can be used to automatically generate colourmaps and texturemaps on the fly from the first heightmap provided to YATT. I will shortly have an example of this in the tutorial section.

Welcome :: 2006-11-21
Welcome to the new website for YATT. Here you will find information about what YATT is and how to use it. From now I will try to use this as a central store for info on YATT. Please use the menu on the left to get information about YATT.

Latest Version Info

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NWN2 Patch: 1.23.1765