Here you will find collected tutorials on using YATT. If you have an idea for a tutorial to go here, contact me and I'll see about adding it.

Getting Started - A basic example of using YATT.

YATT Guide: Beginner - A guide in English, French and Spanish. Excellent stuff from Laban and thanks to Ankhalas for the Spanish translation.

Advanced Case Study - A more indepth example with some sample input images; Many thanks to Victor, our mod group's terrain wizard. :)

An Introduction to YATT Rules - See here for a brief introduction to Rules in YATT and how to use them.

The World Machine and YATT - Here's some details of ProfessorLonghair's efforts with The World Machine, another heightmap generator, and YATT. :)

L3DT, World Machine and YATT - Some great info from Rashidi from the Fianchetto's Fable.

erikbreau's L3DT/YATT Tutorial for dummies (and me). - Build beautiful landscapes in THREE (relatively easy) steps.

Latest Version Info

Version: 0.9.16

NWN2 Patch: 1.23.1765