Advanced Case Study

This example illustrates some of the more advanced features of YATT in more detail. More details on generating these will come at some point. For now, first download the sample input images from here, then use them as follows:

This is the 289x289 heightmap for generating the surface mesh in a 32x32 area. Because of the errosion detail I recommend having a min-max range of roughly 20, definately no more than 25. (example: -5 min, 15 max)

This is a simple B&W colormap, I use a colored one myself but it's been designed to work with my custom textures, this generic B&W version will work well with most textures. It is pretty simple, just a softened slope based image with the slopes being shaded. There is a lot more you can do but it makes for a good, obvious example, besides it makes the mini-map look a LOT better.

This is intended to be the base texture, I use this for dirt if the name wasn't obvious enough. It started as a solid white texture before all of the other texture maps were "excluded" from it so it looks a bit funky. This should go in the texture0 slot.

This is a noise layer basically and it works best when used with an alternate dirt/gravel texture. This works well enough in the texture1 or texture3 slots depending on the textures used.

This layer is for one of two grass types, this texture will be predominant in some areas, particularly at higher elvations with some noise over the remaining areas to help aleviate tiling artifacts.

This is another grass layer, effective the inverse of the first so it will be most prominaent where the other isn't.

This is a simple slope map useful for giving the steeper slopes a rock face texture. It will be used with an intensity based on the slope angle so even areas without "exposed" rock will have this texture applied to them, if it is a similar color to the dirt textures it will help break up tiling patters, if it is obviously different it will appear to tint lower slopes slightly.

Latest Version Info

Version: 0.9.16

NWN2 Patch: 1.23.1765