Getting Started

  1. Install YATT.dll into your NWN2 plugins directory and ensure NWN2 is set to show all plugins.
  2. Open Toolset (and optionally a module)
  3. Close any areas before using the plugin.
  4. Open YATT plugin
  5. File -> Input Images -> [Define a heightmap, colourmap and Texturemaps. One of either the colourmap or heightmap must be defined, but the rest are optional]
  6. Area -> Select -> Select Relevant Area. THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL - if you do no open an area a new one will be created for you.
  7. Area -> Build/Update Area from image(s)

Advanced Notes

The following are some more advanced notes on the usage of YATT. At some point I will try and put together a tutorial covering these. For now these will hopefulling be enough to get started.

  1. You may use the Super Area menu option to import Super Areas. A Super Area is a set of Normal NWN2 Areas.
  2. The Super Area settings allows you to set the size of each area in a super area and how large they each are. It also allows you to set whether the areas will overlap - this will create seamless transitions from one area to the next in the Super Area set of areas.
  3. You may export heightmaps using the area menu.
  4. You may also export Colourmaps using the Area menu - this is the colours on the terrain, and can be used to fake some cool shadowing effects.
  5. Additive heightmaps are now in - you may specify additional heightmaps during the area or super area building process, or update existing areas from heightmaps in an additive mode now. This can give cool effects like roads sunk into your terrain, etc.
  6. You may export the texturemaps for an area from the area menu - you will get a texturemap for each "texture channel" in the current area. 7. You may apply texturemaps through the inputs for areas and super areas. This works in a similar way to heightmaps and colourmaps.
  7. The edges of areas within a super area will now be auto connected for seamless transitions.
Latest Version Info

Version: 0.9.16

NWN2 Patch: 1.23.1765